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  • Product Design & Prototyping 
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Marketing services

Amazing advisors that will research and analysis your business strategy and product to showcase a creative and structured ad campaign. Customer are the greatest asset in industry. OUR GOAL is helping our customers to turn their customers into loyal ones.

Product > Design Floor

Having a big idea and no clue where to start? Being iNSHOCK! is the first step to SUCCESS. OnSite Prototyping and Manufacturing keeps you in the circle during each phase of development

Strategies and Partnership

Once you recognise the ease of our processes of our product development, you will be confident. We promise to bring IDEAS to LIFE with our commitment in bringing quality products, service and the platform to create results 


Lets determine whether we can design A PROJECT OF VALUE OR NOT? It begins or ends there... A meeting will help you understand the costs and REWARDS of doing business with us.. Our OFFER and cost to developing A quality PRODUCT from selected material   


PREMIUM packages*

Sharing the big news! Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? We have premium packages available that *include, Websites, Marketing, Google SEO, Media BLOG's, Social Media, News Feed Services, Subscriptions and MORE.  


iNSHOCK !nnovation will discuss with you to design a product of your own VISION, provide all appropriate Drawings, Engineering Drafts, Copyrights, Trademarks, Logos, Manufacture, Prototype, Arrange meetings with investors, market product, so our client benefits long term.


Think. . . Plan, Design, Prototype, Product Launch . . .

With our experience in Manufacturing, Design, international shipping, and outsourcing our services will prove to be vital in bringing your ideas to reality. Our Goal is to create and establish a positive revenue stream for the future of our clients business.

Plan to paper = VISION

OUR BUSINESS is to improve your Local business. We focus on CANADIAN companies and strive to maintain a strong Design and Manufacturing advantage for our local industry. We creating jobs that are meaningful and fulfilling for both customer and consumers by maintaining loyalty and trust we empower everyone in our business circle and network with valuable Networks and opportunities to achieve their dreams and see there efforts turn into sustainable revenues through innovation         

Manufacturing is the KEY to unlock

Everyday technology is advancing and becoming more efficient. TODAY more than ever in history is an opportunity in creating something from IMAGINATION and we can connect you to that GOAL in weeks you can have a REAL product to Market, SELL or Utilize in your own industry. We can help you design and build anything your imagination  conceive; Medical equipment, Automotive, Industrial, Safety, Tools, Mechanisms, or assemblies for any application or purpose. Our purpose is to help you in your industry and improve you business.